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Psychologist Daniel Kahneman won the 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics for bringing to light that people hate to lose money more than they like to make money. Aversion to losses is one reason I ask you to measure your risk profile. I would not want you to be holding a portfolio that is 80% stocks, which might lose 30% in a bad year when your profile indicates that you would sell everything if it dropped even 5%.

Disdain for loss can also hinder a client from wanting a portfolio at all, for fear it might not grow fast enough to reach one’s fiscal goals. As a financial advisor, I need to alert my clients to possible pratfalls and provide them with solutions: save more, take more risk, diversify more, depending on each client’s situation.

Be they individuals, couples, families, or groups; they will benefit from Tim’s custom portfolios, trusts and retirement plans. He builds portfolios for small business owners when he arranges their 401(k), SIMPLE and SEP plans, for public school employees when he sets up their 403(b) accounts, and for IRAs and rollover IRAs. For any portfolio he can access thousands of mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds, life insurance programs, and annuities.


Don’t Fear the Bond Reaper

Economists throughout this recovery have been warning investors about the risk of rising inflation, causing problems in the bond market.


Investing In Foreign Stocks and Bonds

However, just as foreign travel adds diversity to your travel experiences, so foreign assets add diversification to your portfolio.


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