Bank Deposits: Understanding the Factors Behind Decreases and the Impact on the Financial System

Summary: Discover the ins and outs of bank deposits and how they can decrease. Explore the impact of loan repayments, cash withdrawals, and selling assets on bank deposits. Uncover why
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Understanding the Inverted Yield Curve and its Predictive Power for Recession

Summary: Learn about the predictive power of the inverted yield curve in forecasting recessions, according to finance professor Campbell Harvey from Duke University.
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The Power of Money and End Times: Insights on the State of the United States

Summary: Discover two essential books on the state of the United States: "The Power of Money" and "End Times Elites, Counter-Elites, and the Path of Political Disintegration." Gain insights into
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The Resurgence of Inflation in 2022: Analyzing the Impact of Government Spending and Quantitative Easing on the Economy

Summary: Discover the biggest financial story of 2022: the resurgence of inflation. Dive into the factors behind it and explore whether it's a temporary issue or a more concerning trend
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The Current Financial Situation in the United States: Exploding Debt and Deficits, Private Debt, and Federal Reserve’s Balance Sheet

Summary: Discover the current financial situation in the United States, including exploding public debt, near-record private debt, and an enormous Federal Reserve balance sheet. Learn more here. #USFinance #DebtCrisis
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Factors Affecting US Economic Growth: Investment, Government Spending, Exportss/Imports, and Consumption

Summary: In this article, we explore the factors impacting US economic growth, including investment spending, government spending, exports/imports, and consumption.
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The Rising Deficit and National Debt: Implications for the US Economy

Summary: President Joe Biden inherits an enormous deficit, a large central bank balance sheet, and a struggling economy. His $1.9 trillion relief package could add to the deficit and the
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