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Campbell Harvey’s Inverted Yield Curve Predictor: A Reliable Indicator of Recession

Summary: Discover Professor Campbell Harvey’s research on how the inverted yield curve predicts future recessions, specifically focusing on the three-month treasury bill and the ten-year treasury bond. Explore the history of his research and why this indicator ...

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Understanding Bank Deposits: What Makes Them Decrease and Why They Can’t Leave the Banking System

Summary: Learn about bank deposits and how they may go down due to loan repayment, exchanges for cash, asset sales, and quantitative tightening.

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Two New Books on the State of the US Economy

Summary: Discover two essential books on the state of the United States: "The Power of Money" and "End Times Elites, Counter-Elites, and the Path of Political Disintegration." Gain insights into the financial system and the impact of wealth ...

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2022 Financial Insights: The Return of Inflation and Government Spending Impacts

Summary: Discover the biggest financial story of 2022: the resurgence of inflation. Dive into the factors behind it and explore whether it's a temporary issue or a more cocerning trend with potential impacts.

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Predictive Power of Yield Curve Inversions | Tim Hayes

Summary: Financial Advisor Tim Hayes has released a new blog post on his financial advisor site that discusses the predictive power of yield curve inversions leading to recessions. Inspired by the work of Professor Campbell, the post ...

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Factors Affecting US Economic Growth: Investment, Government Spending, Exports/Imports, and Consumption

Summary: In this article, we explore the factors impacting US economic growth, including investment spending, government spending, exports/imports, and consumption.

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