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Key Financial Considerations for Retirement Planning

Summary: Preparing for retirement is crucial for secure financial future. If you're like many you may have planned for retirement alone. But consulting a financial advisor is essential to ensure a successful retirement. In this article we discuss ...

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Key Rules for Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits

Summary: Social Security and Medicare are the cornerstones of most retirement planning strategies. Social Security provides an income stream that you cannot outlive, while Medicare provides health insurance when you are most likely to need it. Understanding how ...

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Retirement Planning for Educators: 403(b) and 457 Plans Explained

Summary: Public school educators, including university professors and administrators, can save more pre-tax than any other public or private-sector employee.

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Stanford University Center on Longevity Social Security Study: Key Strategies and Recommendations

Summary: Looking for the most effective retirement income strategy? Stanford University's Center on Lonevity recommends delaying social security until age 70 and withdrawing annually from your IRAs or 401ks based on the IRS's minimum requirement tables. Learn more ...

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Understanding the Windfall Elimination Provision for Public Employees in Massachusetts

Summary: Understand the impact of Windfall Elimination Provision on Social Security benefits for public employees. Make informed retirement decisions for a secure financial future.

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Wealth Management: Basics, Strategies, and Importance

Summary: Need help managing your wealth? Contact Tim, a wealth manager who can help you develop personalized financial plans and strategies designed to achieve your goals. Learn more about the basics of wealth management, the role of a wealth ...

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