Five Star Professional and Boston Magazine Partner to Recognize Top Wealth Managers in Boston

Summary: Five Star Professional teamed up with Boston Magazine to honor top wealth managers who offer quality services to their clients. Learn more here.

Five Star Professional partnered with Boston Magazine to recognize a select group of wealth managers who provide quality services to their clients.

Candidates are identified through firm nominations, peer nominations, and industry qualifications then evaluated on ten objective eligibility and evaluation criteria. These include client retention rates, client assets, administration, firm performance review, favorable regulatory compliance, and client complaint histories. Self-nominations are not accepted and individuals do not pay a fee to be considered or awarded.

To receive the Five Star Wealth Manager award individuals must satisfy a series of eligibility and evaluation criteria associated with wealth managers who provide services to clients. Recipients are identified through research conducted by industry peers and firms. Third-party rankings and recognitions from rating services or publications are not indicative of past or future investment performance. For more information go to Five Star Wealth Manager.

Tim Hayes is affiliated with Cambridge Investment Research and Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc. Cambridge is an independent broker-dealer for financial professionals dedicated to offering objective investment advice to clients. Investment advisory services are offered through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Federally registered investment advisor.

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Financial Advisor Tim Hayes

I’ve held an industry securities registration for 30+ years and am subject to SEC and FINRA oversight.

Most clients pay fee-only or an hourly rate. The size and complexity of the client’s wealth management and financial and retirement planning determine that fee.

Some clients pay a commission, mainly those with smaller accounts, i.e., Roth IRAs, some public-school teachers with 403b retirement accounts, or parents or grandparents who set up a 529 college savings plan.

The first introductory and fact-finding appointment can be in-person or by phone. The next meeting where I provide my recommendations should be in-person. (For the time being, telephone, Zoom, and email are replacing some in-person meetings.)

Subsequent meetings during which we monitor your progress and investments can be done in-person or by phone, email, Zoom, or Skype – or, more likely, a combination of these meeting types.

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Tim has offices in Boston and South Dartmouth, Massachusetts. He’s licensed to handle securities in 8 states: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maine, and Florida.

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