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FinaMetrica Risk Tolerance Questionnaire and Profiling

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For some individuals, nothing feels worse than seeing their account drop; conversely, for others, they regret losing out on potential gains. Perhaps the first investor’s portfolio was too hot while the second was too cold.

FinaMetrica’s® risk profiling system generates a personalized assessment of an individual’s risk tolerance and provides you an opportunity to gauge if your current investments are too hot or too cold.

The evaluation is web-based consisting of twenty-five questions, with eight optional demographic questions. It only takes fifteen minutes to complete. Upon completion, you receive a detailed report that includes your risk tolerance score.

After you receive your score, I can transfer it to FinaMetrica’s® asset allocation mapping system to convert your score to a portfolio. I then use fi360’s proposal report to compare your current assets to the portfolio generated from your risk tolerance score.

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