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Tim Hayes AIF®, CRPS®, AWMA®, CFS®, APMA®, CAS®

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Tim Hayes

Tim Hayes

Investment Adviser Representative

Tim Hayes

Financial Advisor Andover

Tim brings 30 years of experience as a professional financial adviser. Be they individuals, couples, families, or groups, they will benefit from his custom portfolios, trusts, and retirement plans. He builds portfolios for small business owners when he arranges their 401(k), SIMPLE, and SEP plans, for public school employees when he sets up their 403(b) and for IRAs and rollover IRAs. For any portfolio, he can access thousands of mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds, life insurance programs, and annuities.

Investing In an Overpriced Stock Market

  • Wealth Management 40% 40%
  • Financial Planning 30% 30%
  • Retirement Planning 20% 20%
  • Investments Issue 5% 5%
  • Financial Economics 5% 5%

About Tim

Financial Advisor Andover Tim Hayes AIF®, CRPS®, AWMA®, CFS™, APMA®, CAS®

Tim has been a professional financial advisor for thirty years. Specializes in building custom portfolios for people who are saving their money for retirement or are already retired.

Access to Thousands of Mutual Funds, ETFs, Annuities, and Life and Disability Plans, he has all the tools individuals, companies, and not-for-profits need for their wealth management as well as their financial planning for retirement.

Active vs Passive Investing

Because he is an independent financial consultant, there are no requirements to use a specific tool. Therefore you benefit from advice and products tailored to meet your unique financial needs.


  • Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor℠, or APMA®
  • Accredited Investment Fiduciary, or AIF®
  • Certified Fund Specialist, or CFS®​
  • Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist, or CRPS®
  • Accredited Wealth Management Advisor, or AWMA®
  • Certified Annuity Specialist, or CAS®​
  • Series 66 Exam, Taken 12-18-2012, Scored 93%
  • Series 7 Exam, Taken 07-20-2005, Scored 92%
  • Series 6 Exam, Taken 02-23-1989, Scored 92%
  • Series 63 Exam, Taken 03-22-1989, Scored 86%
  • Accident Health or Sickness, Taken 01-18-1990
  • Life, Taken 01-18-1990
  • Variable Life & Annuity, Taken 04-25-1990

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Financial Consultant Andover Tim Hayes AIF®, CRPS®, AWMA®, CFS®, APMA®, CAS®