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Financial Advisor Salem & Beverly Tim Hayes AIF®, CRPS®, AWMA®, CFS®, APMA®, CAS®

Investing On Your Own Isn’t Always Best for You

Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Retirement Planning

Independent advisor Tim Hayes offers savvy investment strategies from an objective perspective. 

As an independent financial advisor, I have helped people, couples, and families achieve successful investment outcomes for over 30 years. Financial markets are more complicated and volatile than ever. That’s why I remain committed to learning and adapting my knowledge and skills to the new financial “normal” as it’s continually redefined—for better or worse.

If you wish to invest successfully in this day and age, this is what it takes.

Diversification and Investment Portfolio Design

Financial Advisor Salem and Beverly

Minimize Conflicts of Interest so That I Can Provide Objective Advice

  • I work with individuals to build or update their personalized investment portfolios based on their goals and risks and then review their portfolios at ‌least once a year.
  • I advise on any possible rollovers from employer retirement plans and help design strategies for income planning during retirement.
  • I can also advise on your life and disability insurance needs.
  • I implement, manage, and service the retirement plans of companies and not-for-profits per the rules and regulations of ERISA and the Department of Labor (DOL). I also can install and manage group life and disability plans.
  • I advise executives and business owners on their nonqualified deferred compensation plans, stock options, and company stock (net unrealized appreciation, NUA).

My Roots in Salem & Beverly

I grew up in Beverly, lived in Salem when I finished college and spent my summers bartending at the Corinthian Yacht Club in Marblehead while going to college.

Investing Is Risky Business. Give Yourself a Fighting Chance for Success

An ongoing relationship with a financial consultant may help you avoid impulsive decisions that could have a negative impact on your investments.

Fee-Only or Commission What Standard of Care Is Best for You?


For a free, independent, and objective review of your investments, contact me today.

Please be sure to speak to your advisor to consider the differences between your company retirement account and investment in an IRA. These factors include, but are not limited to, changes to the availability of funds, withdrawals, fund expenses, fees, and IRA-required minimum distributions.

If you’re concerned about your financial future, let’s talk