Understanding Fee-Only Financial Advisors vs Commission-Based Financial Professionals

Summary: Webster defines a fee as a sum paid or charged for a service. For example, in the financial services industy, that service could be developing a financial plan, reviewing your investment portfolio, or perhaps a fee to manage that investment portfolio

Fee-Only vs Commission-Based


Charging a fee instead of a commission has become synonymous with fiduciary advice provided under the 1940 Investment Advisers Act. The expectation is that the advice is ongoing, which, if so, requires the advisor to be a fiduciary.

Advisor or Financial Professional

Many financial professionals in the financial services industry are not fiduciaries. Instead, the 1934 Securities Exchange Act regulates them. In addition, they get paid a commission for selling financial products; the advice is incidental to the product sale. Therefore, an ongoing advice relationship between the client and the advisor is not expected.

Regulation Best Interest, a new rule from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), requires that advisors working under the 34 Act no longer call themselves financial advisors; instead, they must identify themselves as financial professionals.

Financial Advisor or Financial Professional

Investment adviser representatives can continue to call themselves financial advisors, and advisors such as myself who are registered under the 1934 Securities Exchange Act and the 1940 Investment Advisers Act can also do so.

I am dually registered, which is both good and bad. I can work under either of the two laws depending on the client. So I do not have to turn clients away. However, it could add a layer of confusion for a client.

What Costs More?

Because the advice is ongoing, asset fee advice will most likely cost more than the commission (hourly rate fee advice may be the exception). So when a customer contemplates hiring an advisor, one of the first questions is whether they need continuing advice.

Another is whether the initial advice is better if provided under a fiduciary standard. However, one thing to remember is that Regulation Best Interest now requires that broker-dealers minimize conflicts of interest for their financial professionals.

Financial Advisor Cost

The hourly rate differs among financial advisors. The fee hovers around 1% but has been trending down because of robo-advisors and other internet-type advice.

Remember that the asset fee is ongoing and sometimes covers any additional advice you require. In contrast, the hourly rate works more like how attorneys are paid. The advisor gets paid when advice or services are rendered.

Additional Costs

Whether you pay a commission or fee, the products recommended will have additional costs. For example, a fund most likely will have a management fee. Moreover, some products have fees if you surrender them before a certain period.

The commission is synonymous with actively managed funds. Simultaneously, fee advisors tend to recommend index funds partly because they are cheaper, helping offset their fees.

Fee-Only Financial Advisor

Unlike a dual-registered advisor, a fee-only financial advisor works exclusively under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. Their only compensation is the fee paid, whether hourly or a percentage of assets.

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The Advantage of an Advisor: Real Stories from Real People

Phyllis Gleason


I was fortunate to get a recommendation for Tim Hayes from a colleague many years ago, and I have benefitted greatly from our partnership. At our first meeting, I immediately felt that I was in good hands. Tim is a wonderful listener, and he asked great questions that allowed me to focus my long-term financial goals. He has always been very responsive to any questions I have had and keeps me informed about the impact the vagaries of the investment world have on my portfolio while, at the same time, giving me advise on our next steps. I would highly recommend Tim to anyone needing investment services. Both his knowledge and his thoroughness are refreshingly impressive."

"Over the past 30 years I have had three different account mangers watching over my tax sheltered annuities. I can say without reservation that Tim has been the best communicator of them all. He made my transition to securing my required allotments annually very easy because he “answers his phone”. He has taken the worry out of its for me."

Dennis C. Bentley


Maria J


"My name is Maria J., I work as a teacher and Tim has been my financial advisor for roughly 18 years. He has been good with my money, giving me advise and explaining clearly what I should expect when I invest my money. He is to the point, always asking you how comfortable you feel investing your money; are you more of a risky investor or more traditional investor? He can guide you and he acts upon your level of comfort. Some years I made money, some years I didn't, but this is a long journey that will pay off at the end."

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