Financial Planning

Change Is Constant. How You Deal With It Determine Your Investing Success

Tim is a financial advisor that knows how to adjust your financial strategy to adapt to the changes life throws at you. Whether you’re an individual, couple, or family trust he’ll help you stay on track to your financial goals despite the shifts in the landscape.

Call Tim at 508-277-5847 or email for a free, no-obligation financial planning consultation and financial profile assessment.

What Is My Financial Advisor Experience?

I've held an industry securities registration for 30+ years and am subject to SEC and FINRA oversight.
Financial Planner

Financial Planner Massachusetts Tim Hayes

As a Massachusetts personal financial advisor, I have access to many financial products, including mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds, annuities, and life insurance programs. I use these and other products to build custom planning solutions for people according to their individual needs and

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Retirement Financial Advisor

Retirement Financial Advisor Massachusetts

You have retirement accounts in a few different places, and so does your spouse. Now that you are retired or thinking of retiring, you are closer to using the money. But you haven’t changed the allocation or risk level of

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Case Study Certified Annuity Specialist

Case Study Certified Annuity Specialist®

This is a hypothetical example and not actual clients and their outcomes. Desi, 62, and his wife, Lucy Arnot, 55, both retired and sold their business for $150,000. The buyer will make three yearly payments of $50,000 each. Hopefully, even

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