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  • We meet to talk about your goals, and so I can get a snapshot of your current investments. I ask each of my soon-to-be-clients to take an online risk profile assessment, so I can see whether your current investments match your goals and risk tolerance.
  • If your goals and risk tolerance are in sync with each other we may simply fine-tune your current portfolio. But if they are out of whack, I will design a new custom portfolio that better reflects your risks and goals. We commit to reviewing your portfolio at least once a year.
  • For retirees or job-changers, we figure out whether you should keep your 401k or 403b with your previous employer or roll it to an IRA where I will build you a new portfolio. Plus we look over any pension options for which you may be eligible, review any Social Security and Medicare questions you may have, and examine any group life and disability policies you may want to convert.
  • For educators, we review the choices available to you in your school’s 403b plan. I recommend one or two of them and then I build and monitor your portfolio.
  • When you need life or disability insurance, we determine together how much covergae you need. Then we decide on the type of insurance policy that suits you best: term, whole life, universale or variable life.

Corporations, Nonprofits, Partnerships

  • I build a template for your company’s 401k or ERISA 403b plan that produces plan-specific investment recommendations and reports as well as fee and compliance reports all of which are now required by the government.
  • I provide investment advice to plan particpants encouraging them to take an online risk profile assessment we can use to help them re-balance their account or allocate their contributions.
  • For companies without a retirement plan, I size up  and help implement the one ( 401k, profit-sharing, 403b, SIMPLE, or SEP) that works best for your company.
  • I service your company’s group life and disability plans and design executive carve-outs as needed.

Owners and Executives

  • I work with your attorney to design a non-qualified deferred compensation plan.
  • I discuss with your boards, partners, execcutives, or family members whenther your company should own life insurance on any key employees.
  • Buying or selling a partnership or family business? I help your operation to continue beyond its purchase or sales phase by seeking out an insurance company and type of policy that best matches the goals of your buy/sell agreement.

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