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Financial Advisor: Tim Hayes

Financial Planning Process

Gather Your Data

Financial questionnaires, tax forms, brokerage statements, retirement accounts statements, mutual fund and annuity statements, insurance policies.

Establish Goals

comfortable retirement, income needs, second home, travel, college funding, estate planning

I Analyze Information

mutual fund and ETF due-diligence, retirement planning, asset allocation, and risk tolerance analysis, beneficiary planning

Make Recommendations

product solutions: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, annuities, life insurance plans, tax reduction strategies

Monitor and Update

annual reviews, twice a year email updates, monthly brokerage statements, CIR statements online reporting of your accounts

Benefits of an Independent Financial Advisor

  • I am free to collaborate with you and advise you objectively as we design a financial plan to address your concerns and establish a path to your goals and dreams.
  • You will be able to trust and confide in me, as I will understand and prioritize your financial priorities and goals. I will serve you in a relationship.
  • You will not have to explain your financial history again and again to a series of new faces; I will be here for you.
  • You will understand investment concepts – I talk in a familiar language, not financial jargon.
  • You can make educated investment decisions with the help of my objective, independent research. 

Wealth Management – I build portfolios for individuals, trusts, and retirement plans. The portfolios may hold stocks, bonds, cash, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The client’s goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance impact what the portfolio holds. Risk tolerance is how a client feels about a drop in their account. The time horizon is the length of time before the client needs the money.

  • Risk tolerance questionnaire
  • Portfolio rebalance when needed
  • Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, ETFs

Market Insights

Retirement Planning – Employees who leave their employer can keep their 401k or 403b there or move it to an IRA.I advise on any possible rollovers from employer retirement plans and help design strategies for income planning during retirement. I also build portfolios for clients saving for retirement.

  • IRAs, 403b, annuities
  • 403b Financial Advisor
  • Pension max for public employees
  • IRA rollovers from an employer plan

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Insurance – I can get clients the right type and amount of life insurance or disability insurance. I am licensed with many insurance companies, so I can find a good product.

  • Needs analysis
  • Whole life, term insurance, universal, and variable life
  • Disability insurance

Businesses and Nonprofits – I implement, manage, and service the retirement plans of companies and not-for-profits per the rules and regulations of ERISA and the Department of Labor (DOL). I provide investment advice or education to the individuals in your retirement plan. I can also monitor investment options and provide fee information.

  • Fee reporting
  • Employee education and ERISA 404(c) compliance
  • Fiduciary advice

DOL Fiduciary Rule Timeline & Updates

Executives and Business Owners – I can use life insurance to facilitate ownership changes and protect a business from losing a key executive.

I advise executives and business owners on their nonqualified deferred compensation plans, stock options, and company stock (net unrealized appreciation, NUA).

  • Key employee insurance
  • Deferred compensation
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