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Saving for Retirement

  • Individuals: I build and manage your IRAs including beneficiaries who inherit IRAs
  • Public School Employees: I research your 403b choices we pick one then build your 403b account
  • Small Business Owners: I design and manage your SEPs, SIMPLES, or Solo 401ks

Saving for Retirement at Work


Transitioning Towards Retirement

  • Analyze your 401k or 403b plan
  • Discuss your rollover options
  • Measure your risk tolerance
  • Investigate your pension options
  • Evaluate your Social Security and Medicare options
  • Inspect of any group life insurance is eligible for conversion to an individual policy

401k and 403b Rollover Advice for Individuals and Couples

Generating Income During Retirement

  • Estimate retirement income needs
  • Re-position your investments to generate income
  • Monitor those investments
  • Avoid IRS penalties by withdrawing the required amount from retirement accounts

Generating Retirement Income

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