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Tim Hayes

Financial Advisor


Experience and Knowledge You Can Trust

  • I have been a professional financial adviser for 25+ years. I specialize in building custom portfolios for people saving their money for retirement or are already retired.
  • Access to thousands of mutual funds, ETFs, annuities, life, and disability plans, I have all the tools individuals, companies, and not-for-profits need for their wealth management as well as their financial planning for retirement.
  • Because I am an independent financial advisor, there are no requirements to use a specific tool. Therefore you benefit from advice and products tailored to meet your unique financial needs.

Why Should I Hire You?

Life isn’t all about money, but it is an important tool for building the life you want. And, like any tool, best results happen when skilled, experienced hands are in control of it.

For over 25 years, I have studied the financial markets, always striving to learn more about, and adapt my knowledge to, the new financial “normal” as it is continually redefined.

The result: I can help you make smart investment decisions for every stage of your life, under all market conditions.

How Much Do You Charge?

Most clients pay fee-only the size and complexity of their wealth management, and financial and retirement planning determines that fee.

Some clients pay a commission mainly those with smaller accounts, i.e., Roth IRAs, some public school teachers with 403bs retirement accounts or parents or grandparents setting up a 529 college savings plan.

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Do We Meet In Person?

The first introductory and fact-finding appointment should be in person. The second meeting where I provide my recommendations should also be in person.

Subsequent meetings where we monitor your progress and investments can be done in-person, by phone, email, or skype or, more likely, a combination of all meeting types.

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