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Inflation Transitory

Is Inflation Transitory or Here to Stay?

One of 2021’s biggest financial stories is the comeback of inflation. It may be transitory, as the Federal Reserve has been stating, or more sinister, like the kind of increases that fueled the 1970s price movements.

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The World Is Drifting Away from Capitalism

The World Is Drifting Away From Capitalism

In capitalism, private banks, through their loan-making process, produce most of the money. The government provides the currency—the dollar bills—but the only way to get them is to exchange bank money for currency.

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Is the U.S. Economy Really Getting Better?

Is the Economy Getting Better?

Anyone reading today’s financial press would think the U.S. economy is accelerating—finally taking off from its post-financial crisis lackluster performance to what Tom Brokaw called “a roaring economy” on Meet the Press this past weekend.

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