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The Truth About Money Creation: A Guide to Understanding the Role of Banks and Government In the Economy

Summary: Are you ready for Memorial Day Discussion with your family? Learn about the arguments between Ayn Rand fans and Paul Krugman followers on governemtn ...

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Bitcoin the Future of Money or a Novelity?

Summary: Learn about the true origin of money and how it has evolved over time including the role of bitcoin in the financial ...

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Two New Books on the State of the US Economy

Summary: Discover two essential books on the state of the United States: "The Power of Money" and "End Times Elites, Counter-Elites, and the Path ...

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Understanding Bank Deposits: What Makes Them Decrease and Why They Can’t Leave the Banking System

Summary: Learn about bank deposits and how they may go down due to loan repayment, exchanges for cash, asset sales, and quantitative tightening.

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2022 Financial Insights: The Return of Inflation and Government Spending Impacts

Summary: Discover the biggest financial story of 2022: the resurgence of inflation. Dive into the factors behind it and explore whether it's a temporary issue ...

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Federal Reserve’s Plan to Combat Inflation: What You Need to Know

Summary: Discover how the Federal Reserve combats inflation by adjusting interest rates and reducing their balance sheet, and learn about the impact on ...

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