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Analysis of US Stock Market Valuation Trends and Investment Strategies

Summary: At the end of 2021, the US stock market had a valuation similar to other extremely high valuations in history, such as in 1929, the late 1960s, the dot-com bubble of 1999, and the great financial recession ...

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Fee-Only Financial Advisor Fee-Based Advice

Summary: After the introduction of a new rule from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), with a new interpretation from the Department of Labor (DOL) of an old law, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), there is ...

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The U.S. Stock Market’s Overvaluation Concerns in 2024

Summary: Learn how the US stock market compares to historical highs and get expert advice on smart investment strategies to maximize returns and minimize risks.

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The Importance of a Reasonable Rate of Return In Retirement Planning

Summary: After retiring, a crucial decision is deciding how much of your retirement money to keep in stocks and bonds.

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Bitcoin the Future of Money or a Novelity?

Summary: Learn about the true origin of money and how it has evolved over time including the role of bitcoin in the financial landscape.

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Overview of Index Investing and the Legacy of Jack Bogle

Summary: Learn about the difference between active management and passive portfolio management.

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