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The Basics of Wealth Management: Strategies, Planning, and Benefits

Summary: Discover the importance of wealth management and how it can help individuals and families achieve their financial goals. Learn about strategies for wealth accumulation, tax planning, and preserving wealth for future generations. Find out how a wealth manager can assist in developing ...

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Is the U.S. Stock Market Overpriced? Strategies for Investing in an Overpriced Market

Summary: Looking to invest in an overpriced stock market? Financial Advisor Tim Hayes shares strategies for investing and diversifying your portfolio.

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Understanding Fees and Costs: A Guide to Financial Advisors and Their Compensation Options

Summary: Looking for financial advice? Learn about fees, fiduciary standards, and the costs associated with hiring a financial advisor in this informative article.

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The Rise of Index Investing: How Warren Buffett Praises Jack Bogle’s Impact on American Investors

Summary: Learn about the difference between active management and passive portfolio management.

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What Is a Realistic Rate of Return for Retirement Investments? Exploring Stocks, Bonds, and Market Volatility

Summary: Discover the significance of a reasonable rate of return for your retirement funds and the potential benefits and risks of different investment options in this informative post. Explore how stocks and bonds can impact your portfolio and income goals, ensuring a balanced ...

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Financial Advisor Tim Hayes

I’ve held an industry securities registration for 30+ years and am subject to SEC and FINRA oversight.

Most clients pay fee-only or an hourly rate. The size and complexity of the client’s wealth management and financial and retirement planning determine that fee.

Some clients pay a commission, mainly those with smaller accounts, i.e., Roth IRAs, some public-school teachers with 403b retirement accounts, or parents or grandparents who set up a 529 college savings plan.

The first introductory and fact-finding appointment can be in-person or by phone. The next meeting where I provide my recommendations should be in-person. (For the time being, telephone, Zoom, and email are replacing some in-person meetings.)

Subsequent meetings during which we monitor your progress and investments can be done in-person or by phone, email, Zoom, or Skype – or, more likely, a combination of these meeting types.

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Tim has offices in Boston and South Dartmouth, Massachusetts. He’s licensed to handle securities in 8 states: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maine, and Florida.

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